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The Barfield DPS1000 is a fully-automated and user-friendly RVSM compliant air data test set which performs altimeter and static systems tests and inspections. This unit incorporates wi-fi technology allowing remote operation and display from a tablet running iOS or Android.



“Ground” feature Brings Pitot and Static outputs to ambient “ground” pressure after completing a test. Ambient pressure is constantly monitored. Ambient pressure is constantly monitored. “Profiles” feature A profile of set-points can be downloaded from a PC, allowing the user to step through the set-points using a …

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Digital Pitot Static Test Set Features The ADTS206 is a rugged, lightweight three-channel air data test set. Designed with the accuracy and versatility required for fast and efficient flightline ground support, catering for three port ‘smart probes’ as well as two port pitot statics on all civil aircraft.

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The ADTS 500 Series of pitot static testers provides a smarter way to perform aircraft maintenance, troubleshooting, fault-finding and emergency aircraft on ground instrumentation validation. The ADTS 405 MkII brings reliability and high accuracy into our highest performance air data test set. The rugged, compact design has evolved due to Druck ...

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1811D Pitot Static Test Set The Barfield 1811D is an inexpensive, portable, self-contained field tester. It is ideal for leak testing aircraft pitot and static systems or on-board testing of altimeters and airspeed indicators. The tester uses two analog or digital instruments (Altimeter and Airspeed) to perform aircraft leak tests or instrument ...



The Barfield DPS1000 Pitot Static Test Set may be powered from either 100 to 120 VAC @ 50 or 60 Hz, 400 VA, or from 200 to 240 VAC @ 50 or 60 Hz, 400 VA. Page 20: Chapter 3: Installation The user should take inventory of the package contents to insure the following items are there: 1. ...

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DPS350. Pitot Static . Test Set . provides a very accurate and convenient method of performing leak testing of aircraft pitot-static systems; including air data computers and airspeed, altimeter, mach, vertical speed, engine pressure ratio, and manifold pressure indicators. The . DPS350. Digital Pitot Static . Test Set . meets the demanding ...

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Altitude and Airspeed pressure to aircraft’s pitot-static system. The TTU-205 can be used to test, certify, calibrate, and troubleshoot aircraft pitot-static systems or associated pneumatic flight control systems. The dual channel operation allows operators to perform dynamic, qualitative calibration and leak test for on ground simulation of ...

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Aircraft Air Data / Pitot Static Test Set Kits - Rent, Buy, or Sell We offer rental, new, used, and refurbished aircraft air data test set kits for pitot static tests. These units are used by operators to stimulate pressure and vacuum conditions needed to calibrate the altimeter, airspeed, manifold pressure, vertical speed, and engine pressure ...

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The PS-525 Pitot-Static tester is a low-maintenance digital tester that is fully portable. It is powered by 24 volts DC, or by its two internal re-chargeable batteries, which enable the test set to be used completely independent of any external power source.

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The name ‘Pitot-Static’ comes from the ‘Pitot & Static’ tubes on aircraft that are connected to the testing instrument. Two common names for Pitot-Static are: Pitot-Static Tester and Air Data Test System (ADTS) or Air Data Test Set.

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6200 Automated Pitot Static Tester (non-RVSM) Ref: 6200. The Model 6200 is used to perform leak-checks and accuracy checks on the Pitot Static systems of helicopters & non-RVSM aircraft. The 6200 is WiFi-enabled. Accuracy checks are typically performed on altimeters, airspeed indicators and VSI’s.

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The PS-425 Pitot-Static tester is a low-maintenance, digital tester that is fully portable. The PS-425 is powered by an internal rechargeable 12 volt battery (included in purchase), which enables the test set to be used completely independent of any external power source. A connector is provided for an external 12 volt DC power adapter (included).

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A pitot-static system is a system of pressure-sensitive instruments that is most often used in aviation to determine an aircraft's airspeed, Mach number, altitude, and altitude trend.A pitot-static system generally consists of a pitot tube, a static port, and the pitot-static instruments. Other instruments that might be connected are air data computers, flight data recorders, altitude encoders ...



Rigid Static Adapter Aircraft Static Port Test Adapter Complete with 12 feet of tubing and 1/8" NPT to 1/4" tubing adapter. Recommended for aircraft with a flush static port. This is a new Static Test Adapter that comes with 12 feet of 1/4" nylon tubing and an extra fitting to connect to your test set.

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ADSE 550 A LIGHT AND RELIABLE PITOT-STATIC TESTER. The ADSE 550 pitot-static tester, housed in a plastic carrying case, is a portable, self-contained field tester designed to test aircraft pitot and static systems for leaks as well as the operation and calibration of airspeed, altimeter, engine pressure ratio, manifold pressure indicators, and other vacuum or low-pressure units.

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Pitot Static Guys is a FAA Certified Repair Station that provides R.V.S.M and little bird FAR Certification and pitot static services in accordance with FAR's 91.411 & 91.413. Static Check! BOOK APPOINTMENT

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Pitot Static Test Set Breakout Box United Instrume . Pitot static test set breakout box united. Vintage static port / pitot tube. smiths industries portable pitot static test set. this is a pitot/static pipe due to the type of end fitting - nut with rubber bush insert.

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This user instruction manual establishes the standards of operation for the 1811NG Pitot-Static Test Set. Its purpose is to provide sufficient information for the personnel unfamiliar with this unit to understand it, identify its parts, and operate it in accordance with proper …

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Pitot Static Test Set. Aero Express will buy, sell and trade the 1811D depending on your needs. The Barfield 1811D is an inexpensive, portable, self-contained field tester ideal for leak testing aircraft pitot and static systems or on-board testing of altimeters and airspeed indicators.

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Our “State of the Art” test equipment includes a high accuracy DFW Instruments Corporation DPST-8000M Digital RVSM Compliant Pitot-Static test set and ZSAY-3 static system adapter. Altitude Performance (NIST Traceable)Range: -1,500 ft. to 55,000 ft.



“Ground” feature Brings Pitot and Static outputs to ambient “ground” pressure after completing a test. Ambient pressure is constantly monitored. Ambient pressure is constantly monitored. “Profiles” feature A profile of set-points can be downloaded from a PC, allowing the user to step through the set-points using a …

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What is an Air Data Test Set? Air Data Test Sets, also known as Pitot-Static Testers, are highly specialized pressure generation and measurement instruments used to both leak test an aircraft's pitot-static system as well as to test and verify an aircraft’s instruments by simulating the altitude and speed of aircraft while still on the flight line.

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An Air Data Test Set performs two basic functions: Provides the means to leak test an aircraft's Pitot-Static system; Simulates pressure and vacuum conditions required to calibrate the airspeed, altimeter, vertical speed, manifold pressure, and engine pressure ratio (EPR) indicators.

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Barfield DPS1000 (p/n 101-01175), REPLACES DPS450 and DPS350. The RVSM certified Barfield DPS-1000 fully automatic Pitot Static Test Set performs altimeter and static system tests and inspections and is currently the latest model. Bluetooth to Tablet

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6/12/2017 · Air data test sets are used to measure pitot and static air flow. The air flow measurements are calculated to determine the aircraft airspeed and altitude. During calibration, a technician tests the accuracy of readings.

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Cobra Systems, Inc. is the leading American producer of Pitot-Static Adapters, Pitot-Static Test Equipment and associated parts and services, serving the world’s Commercial, Corporate and Military Aircraft. In 2018, Global Aviation Test Equipment Manufacturer, ATEQ Aviation, Partnered with Cobra Systems in order to Provide Customers with ...